Saturday, July 16, 2011

Days 412 - 435

You're such a little delight, Mikayla. You're big blue eyes light up a room in an instant, and your smile is so catchy, and so inviting, you simply charm everyone you meet. You're just so special to us.

Since being back from hospital at the end of last month, you really have gone from strength to strength. You still have off days, and I am not sure if you've ever got quite 100%- but you're such a little fighter spirit. Before the hospital, you would only reach mostly with your left hand... but not you're reaching with both. and will reach forward on your midline, which is just so brilliant. Your best thing is reaching for faces- when Daddy picks you up, the first thing you do is reach for his face.

Oh if only I reached out to my Father you way you reach to yours.

Your smile makes everyday worthwhile. Thank you for your smile.